Right Now Leadership: A 4-Part Framework For Today's Leader

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Why wait until tomorrow when you can start right now?

Bestselling author Kyle Gillette walks you through the mindsets and habits that make up the Leadership B.L.U.E. Print.

In this book, Kyle shows you how to:

  • Gain the ability to lead confidently and effectively.
  • Empower your team to be more, do more, have more, and achieve more than you thought possible.
  • Improve your performance within your business.
  • Lead your team and business to greater heights and success.

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Are you ready to embark on an empowering journey of leadership excellence? Let visionary guide Kyle Gillette lead you through a treasure trove of transformative insights, unveiling instant leadership magic. Don't miss the chance to unleash your potential and become the leader you aspire to be.

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About the Author 

Kyle Gillette is a business and leadership coach who helps business owners transform from feeling like they are stuck and unsure of how to move forward to being confident, focused and fulfilled.

Kyle has diverse experience running four businesses and a non-profit during his career. Kyle has multiple coaching and behavioral assessment certifications and created the BLUE Leadership Framework, where his clients learn to (B)e Self-Aware Leaders, (L)ead with Accountability, (U)se a Growth Mindset, and (E)mpower Others.

Always an open book, Kyle provides an honest look at business, leadership, faith, and being a dad. Kyle loves doing CrossFit, hiking, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing with family and friends when not working.

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Transform your leadership journey today with this practical and actionable guide. 

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