How a service-based business partnered with Gillette Solutions to grow their business over 30% by working on it, not just in it.

John's Chem-Dry:

A Case Study

Meet John and Jean 

John Hess and his wife Jean have owned John’s Chem-Dry of Bellingham, a carpet and upholstery cleaning business for over 40 years. With a focus on quality work ethic and providing a healthy, clean home for their customers, they are a well-established family business.

Stuck with Tunnel Vision 

As the years of business ownership passed, John and Jean found themselves with tunnel vision. They found themselves spending all their time working in their business, instead of on their business. Very little time was spent reflecting on where they wanted their business to be.

They knew they wanted to grow their business, make some renovations to their house, and travel more, but they didn’t have any plan in place to accomplish these goals.

John heard Kyle, from Gillette Solutions, speak a few times and liked the business insights that Kyle was sharing. He decided that in order to move forward in his business, he needed to start working with a business coach.

The Process that led to Growth

Kyle’s method of coaching is focused on mindset and patterns of behavior. John and Jean took the time to analyze different aspects of their business, which revealed several bad habits that had built over time. Kyle asked on-point questions and offered solutions that helped John and Jean make mental shifts in how they approach their business.

Through their work with Kyle, John and Jean improved: Communication between team members Return on Advertising Customer and Vendor Interactions They identified where they wanted to be and set in motion the steps to get there. Kyle asked the right questions, provided measurable goal-tracking systems, and created the necessary accountability to follow through on those goals.


The Results

As a result of working with Kyle, John and Jean made decisions on changes that needed to be made, and then planned and followed through on those changes. “With the advertising decisions we have made, coupled with online point of contact upgrades, we have seen a 30+ % growth again this year. 

Kyle has helped us identify areas that needed improvements and then kept us accountable,” said John.

In addition to seeing year-over-year growth in their business, John and Jean were able to renovate their house and take time off to travel! They no longer feel stuck in their business but have a mindset of positivity and growth.


Ready to see how you can get the same results?

You're probably not running a carpet cleaning business. But if you're struggling with any of the same issues John and Jean were struggling with (think tunnel vision or a lack of clarity about your next steps) Kyle can help.

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