How a hard-driving, fast-moving school founder discovered clarity and peace through coaching.

Gabriel's Art Kids:

A Case Study

Meet Gabriel 

Gabriel Miles founded Gabriel’s Art Kids, an elementary school and afterschool program dedicated to providing kids with art-integrated education, in 2012. 

 She has a degree in Art Education and has taught a wide range of art techniques to both children and adults in public and private school settings, nonprofit organizations, museums, and community centers.

Running a business is hard

Gabriel has a lot of experience teaching and knows how to incorporate the arts into education. She excels at providing an excellent educational experience for every student who walks through the doors of her school. 

 However, running a school is more than just teaching, and Gabriel realized that her biggest challenge was at a managerial level. She struggled with the organizational skills that allowed her to manage her business best.

The Process that led to Growth

At the beginning of their work together, Gabriel completed the Breakthrough Session. It was during this time that Kyle helped her recognize some of the things that were holding her back and getting in the way of moving forward. 

More importantly, it was also during this session that Gabriel let go of her limiting beliefs and formed a new way of looking at her life and her business. 

 Through the following coaching sessions, Gabriel could step back and take a broader view of her business. She started looking at it from above, ‘with an eagle eye.’ 

 This allowed her to make proactive changes and work with her employees to help them improve. Throughout her coaching experience, she found clarity more than anything else.


The Results

Gabriel is excited to see how her leadership communication has improved. Her schools are more profitable, and systems are in place to keep them that way. Plus, she is considering opening another location.

She listens more to her employees, asking them more questions and providing opportunities for them to grow within the school. She now has systems in place that help her with her organizational skills and time management. 

Gabriel says she has developed a newfound awareness of things around her. “Kyle has helped me find clarity more than anything. The ability to look at my life from above with an eagle eye. I look at my finances differently, my employees, my organization/to-do lists, etc. It’s all much clearer now.”


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