Seven Leadership Lessons Jesus Taught

Apr 04, 2024

Every Monday, I have a CEO meeting with the actual CEO of my business, God. These meetings have been invaluable to me. They have brought me peace, insight, and even tears. The most incredible, wisest, and loving man to ever live is worth listening to. Here are some of Jesus' top leadership lessons. Simple reminders of what you can be and do as a leader.

Seven Leadership Habits Jesus Taught

  1. Serve others - Jesus consistently demonstrated a servant's heart, always putting the needs of others before his own. As a leader, it's important to prioritize serving others and positively impacting the world.
  2. Lead by example - Jesus not only taught by his words but also by his actions. As a leader, it's important to lead by example and embody the values and principles you want to see in others.
  3. Embrace vulnerability - Jesus was open and honest about his emotions and weaknesses, showing that being vulnerable as a leader is okay. By embracing vulnerability, you can build trust and authenticity with those you lead.
  4. Practice forgiveness - Jesus consistently taught the importance of forgiveness, even when faced with betrayal or injustice. As a leader, it's important to practice forgiveness and to cultivate a culture of grace and understanding within your organization.
  5. Seek wisdom and guidance - Jesus consistently sought wisdom and guidance from God, showing the importance of staying humble and open to learning. As a leader, it's important to seek guidance from those who are wiser and more experienced and to seek to improve and grow continually.
  6. Foster community - Jesus emphasized the importance of community and relationships and consistently demonstrated the value of building solid connections with others. As a leader, it's important to foster a sense of community within your organization and to cultivate healthy relationships with those you lead.
  7. Embrace your unique purpose - Jesus embraced his unique purpose and mission and challenged others to do the same. As a leader, it's important to embrace your unique strengths and talents and use them to impact the world positively.

These are only a few of the leadership lessons Jesus teaches us by His example. If you want to learn from the Master, spend time with Him. Try the Monday morning CEO meeting and let me know how it goes.   

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