Breaking Old Habits Quickly -- I Did It, Now I Help Others Do It Too

accountability growth Apr 30, 2024
Spoon of Brown Sugar

I've struggled with sugar since I was young. My mom would chat with my great-grandma in her living room, and I'd sneak to the kitchen to get my fix. I still remember hearing Rush Limbaugh as I quietly opened the silverware drawer, lifted the lid off the brown glass sugar container on my grandma's counter, and snuck two or three spoonfuls!

As I got older, this habit shifted to chocolate chips. Handfuls of chocolate chips. You know, the Costco-sized bags of chocolate chips, we always have a bag in our cupboard. This was a problem!

Until one weekend, I had an amazing experience that removed this addiction in an instant through the power of NLP. Sound too good to be true?

How NLP Changed My Life

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) helps us understand how we communicate with ourselves and others. It helps us understand how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected and how we can change our patterns to achieve our goals.

A few years ago, I was exposed to NLP techniques, and my curiosity won out, so I purchased an NLP manual, watched a couple of courses, and then started implementing the techniques in my coaching.

Over time, I've seen the positive effects of NLP in my life and my clients' lives. I helped a client quit an addiction to pizza bites. Another client had the habit of fast food drop-ins on the way home. Plus, I helped my wife with her chocolate chip addiction!

Each of these shifts happened in one session of 20-30 minutes.

Coaching and NLP ​

Why does this matter to you? These little changes add up. One client's addiction to pizza bites prevented her from losing weight, which lowered her motivation and increased the stress of an old injury. This then impacted her professional performance as well.

My coaching, combined with NLP, gets to the core of what is preventing your success in business and achieving a specific personal or professional goal.

How Does NLP Work?​

NLP works by understanding the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is based on the idea that we create our reality by thinking and behaving. The coaching helps you approach situations where your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are reprogrammed to how you want them. Think about the areas in your life where you are self-sabotaging. Through my coaching and NLP, we can change this. Look at the list below. Does an area stand out to you where your results aren't what they could be?

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Professional
  • Financial
  • Relational
  • Spiritual

The challenges and struggles you've been experiencing in the six areas above don't need to remain. When you are free of those challenges, your performance improves, your life improves, and your business's success will follow.

My Business Breakthrough Program helps you overcome these challenges and achieve the growth you want in life and business without hours and hours of frustrating starts and stops.

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