Podcast Blog: Dreams, Challenges, and Lining Up Your Desires with God’s Plan

growth self-awareness Apr 25, 2024

Discovering Purposeful Leadership: A Conversation with Greg Woodard

As the host of the Right Now Leadership Podcast, I've had the privilege of engaging with many thought leaders and experts in personal development and leadership. However, my recent conversation with retired Navy chaplain and author Greg Woodard was particularly enlightening. In this blog post, I'll share the insights and lessons from our discussion about his book, "Living the Connected Life: Soul Rhythms for Purposeful Leadership," and the profound impact of journaling on personal growth.

The Genesis of a Leadership Guide

Greg's journey to authorship began with a dissertation as a Navy chaplain. His book is not just a product of academic rigor but a testament to the power of consistency, commitment, and perseverance. Writing "Living the Connected Life" was a challenge that required Greg to delve deep into his experiences and extract wisdom that could guide others in their leadership paths.

Knowing Yourself and Your Dreams

One of the central themes Greg and I explored was discovering one's dream and staying true to it. Greg emphasized the importance of self-awareness and the need to discern one's passions. He believes aligning opportunities with one's personality, interests, and talents is crucial. However, he also cautioned about considering the impact of our dreams on our family and relationships, reminding us that our pursuits should not be in isolation but in harmony with our loved ones.

Embracing the Discomfort of Growth

Pursuing dreams is often accompanied by fear and discomfort, something Greg knows all too well. He candidly shared his battles with imposter syndrome and the uncertainty that clouded his writing journey. Yet, he encourages embracing these feelings as growth indicators and alignment with our true calling. His message is clear: resilience and self-reflection are vital in overcoming the hurdles we face to fulfill our dreams.

The Transformative Power of Journaling

During our conversation, Greg opened up about his journaling habits and their significant role in his life. He uses journaling as a tool for reflection, asking himself how God is speaking to him, understanding his emotions, and reminding himself of what's important. He blocks out specific writing times, demonstrating his commitment to this practice.

Journaling Prompts for the Soul

Greg shared that he uses a series of prompts in his journaling routine. These prompts include reflecting on the goodness of God, the highlights of his day, and important reminders to himself. He also responds to scripture and writes about his experiences and concerns, such as his son's adventures in the Pacific Ocean.

Journaling became a lifeline for Greg, especially during a challenging period when his health declined and he felt isolated. By adding a prompt about his mindset, he could navigate his thoughts and emotions, which was instrumental in coping with adversity.

Sharing the Journey

I wholeheartedly support journaling and the use of prompt questions to guide self-exploration. Greg's willingness to engage in dialogue and share his journaling prompts with others is a testament to his commitment to helping others grow. For those interested in learning more about Greg's work and his approach to purposeful leadership, he invites you to connect with him via email and explore the resources he offers.

Final Thoughts

Our discussion with Greg Woodard was not just about leadership; it was a deep dive into the essence of living a connected life. The insights from this episode of the Right Now Leadership Podcast serve as a valuable guide for anyone navigating the journey of discovering and pursuing their dreams. I encourage you to subscribe and share this episode and to reach out to Greg for further wisdom on purposeful leadership and the soul-enriching practice of journaling.

Remember, the path to purposeful leadership is personal, but you don't have to walk it alone. Engage with the community, seek guidance, and embrace the rhythms of your soul as you lead with intention and authenticity.

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