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growth self-awareness Mar 07, 2024
suv on rocks growth suv representation

I love metaphors. There is something powerful about taking a concept and turning it into a word picture to help you understand what is being explained to you. I think we all can agree we want to grow personally and professionally. We also know we need to have a growth mindset to make this possible. But how do you create a growth mindset? I aim to tackle how to create and maintain a growth mindset with the image of a "Growth SUV." 

The Growth SUV is a 5-seater vehicle that will help you in the ups and downs of your growth journey. There are five passengers (or personas/mindsets) in this amazing SUV.

Imagine with me the different roads that an SUV can travel on. From the smooth highways and streets of towns and cities to the back roads filled with rocks, ruts, and potholes. This Growth SUV is very capable. But its capability is in the passengers and their mindsets.

The 5 Growth SUV Passengers

  • Risk
  • Learner
  • Persistence
  • Abundance
  • Sales

Taking on a Risk Mindset

The Risk Mindset sits on the back left, behind the driver. This mindset whispers to the driver that risks are worth it. Risks can be fun and highly rewarding. The Risk Mindset in our lives is that imposter syndrome. The feeling of being stretched beyond what we thought we could do. This mindset keeps us pressing into the unknown and scary stuff. Sometimes it leads us to success other times to failure.

A Learner Mindset

The Learner Mindset gets to sit in the middle in the back with its feet on the hump! But it gets the best view from the back. Seeing out the windshield, side window, and even through the back window. This mindset helps us take our experiences and learn from them. Turn our mistakes and successes into growth opportunities and modify the next steps.

All great car trips have backseat drivers. These first two backseat drivers will have some tips for our driver, and this third one has a hard time staying quiet.

A Persistent Mindset

The Persistent Mindset reminds the driver and navigator to keep going. To go just a little farther. This mindset reminds us not to give up. We might be on 'E,' but it's not too far from the next gas station.

These three mindsets help us take risks, learn from our adventures, and persist when challenges become seemingly too much.

Now let's jump to our driver and navigator.

Navigating with the Sales Mindset

The navigator is the Sales Mindset, which reminds us our growth journey is worth it. That there will be a return and convinces us to act. In our work and lives, we consistently sell ourselves and others ideas, products, plans, services, etc. Whether it's a goal we are trying to achieve, a belief we want to have about ourselves, or a literal sale to be made on a call, the Sales Mindset is vital to our growth.

Driving with an Abundance Mindset

Finally, we get to the driver's seat. The Abundance Mindset. With this mindset, we see the risks become worth taking. With this mindset, it seems as though we can learn from anything we experience. With this mindset, we can persist, knowing there's something to be gained on the other side. Lastly, with this mindset, we know there's always more opportunity to sell and grow!

The growth SUV can take you to amazing places. This SUV drives around in your mind and navigates the ruts, valleys, and mountains of your thinking. You'll hear it as you talk to yourself and others. You'll sense it when the voice in your head reminds you of what you are learning or to keep taking those chances.

The beauty is when you embrace these mindsets, this SUV never runs out of gas and is always at work to help you navigate and grow on your journey.

What's Next?

If you have been encouraged by this newsletter and want to learn how to integrate these mindsets into your life and business, join me for a conversation, and let's rev up your SUV so you can Level Up!

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