My Six-Year-Old Blew Me Away Over The Weekend

growth Jan 11, 2024

I had some fantastic adventures last summer! We completed a hike up at Artist Point (near Mount Baker in Washington State). The pictures are gorgeous, and I learned some great lessons about resilience from an unexpected source. I wanted to share a powerful story with you about our adventure. 🥾

The total distance we covered was just over 8 miles and over 1800 feet in elevation gain. ⬆️ We took six hours to do the hike and stopped for only 45 minutes total throughout the adventure. 😩 My daughter did this hike for six hours without complaint, over scree, snow, big rocks, and dusty trails. She slipped multiple times and faceplanted in the dirt/rocks about halfway through. 💥


Let me pause for a moment. This hike is very tiring and very challenging for most people. It was a challenge for me, for sure. My daughter's resilience from falling to the hours of hiking and the elevation gain was such an encouragement. I mean, wow. Here's the best part, SHE NEVER COMPLAINED ONCE!! 😎 Come on...Over the last few months, I've complained about many lesser things in my business and life. But she stuck it out and was an inspiration for all of us. Oh yeah, my in-laws, 65 and 68, did the whole thing like troopers too!!👏 ​


Lots of lessons here. The main message I want to encourage you with is to surround yourself with resilient people who put the hard work in, aren't afraid to get back up after falling, and will fight through the various challenges that come to complete their goal. People like my six-year-old can inspire us to keep going when we face the many challenges of life and leadership. 🎯🚀 ​

What recent lessons have your kids taught you that have helped your leadership and business? What lessons can you gain from this story?

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