Podcast Blog: The Power of 12-Week Goals: How to Achieve More in Less Time

growth Apr 18, 2024

Let me start by sharing a quick story. Back in 2018, I began writing a book without a solid plan in place. It was then that I stumbled upon the idea of a 13-week plan, also known as a 90-day plan. This plan involved setting specific targets for the number of words I'd write each day and week, as well as allocating time for writing. The intention was to complete an entire book within this 13-week timeframe.

The Impact of 12-Week Goals

You might be wondering how this concept of 12-week goals can apply to your own aspirations, whether it's writing a book or achieving any other objective. The answer is simple: Break your goals into 90-day increments and commit to pursuing them intensively during this focused period. The key is to set a clear, achievable goal for each 12-week year.

Benefits of 12-Week Goals

Why are 12-week goals so effective? For starters, they keep you locked in and focused. They create a sense of urgency and motivation, as each week becomes a critical month in terms of progress. Additionally, you can adjust and refine your approach during the weekly review in the 13th week, making it easier to stay on track.

Applying the 12-Week Goal Strategy

Let's apply this strategy to a common example: weight loss. Instead of setting a year-long goal, break it down into 90-day increments. For instance, if you aim to lose 25 pounds, focus on losing 15-17 pounds within the first quarter, knowing that the second quarter will have a different approach. This way, you stay attentive to the specific needs and strategies for each stage.

Visualizing Success

Apart from setting clear 12-week goals, it's essential to visualize what success looks like. When you imagine how achieving your goal will feel, sound, and appear, you engage your unconscious mind in the process. By consistently pursuing the tasks outlined in your 12-week plan and thinking about the outcome, you create a powerful mindset for success.


To sum it up, 12-week goals have a remarkable impact on your ability to achieve more in less time. By setting clear targets and breaking them down into focused 90-day increments, you stay motivated and consistently make progress. Moreover, visualizing your success further enhances your chances of accomplishing your goals. So, take the time to define your 12-week goal and picture what success will look like. Get started today and experience the power of 12-week goals firsthand.

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