Like Watching a Movie: Why Your Team Needs Your Fascination

empowerment Apr 09, 2024
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Empower your team. It sounds good, right? But how do you empower your employees on a day-to-day basis?

The good news is I will teach you the five keys to empowering your team and getting results that matter to you and your business! This week, we'll focus on the first key.

Start with Fascination. - That’s it! That’s Strategy 1! 

Expect every interaction you have with your team to be fascinating. Be fully engaged in the conversation. Listen intently. Pay attention, like you do when watching your favorite movie or reading a good book.   

Assume they have something fascinating to offer, and approach each interaction with high expectations and curiosity. Be excited to hear what your employees have to say. 

They’ll notice this shift in you, this increased level of engagement, and they will begin to feel empowered. 

There’s one more part to this—to Expect Amazing Things. Expect the best in your team members. By setting high expectations for their performance and character, you’ll see how they meet those expectations. Your mind will set out to prove how brilliant they are!

Here’s Why it Works

Every second, our unconscious mind filters 2 million bits of information. It sorts, gathers, and then presents just 126 bits of information to you consciously. Here’s the amazing part: we can choose which bits of information we want to pay attention to. 

If I focus on an employee and look for little mistakes, things that irritate me in meetings, and other irritations, guess what? My brain will deliver bits of information that prove that I am right. But if you start with fascination and expect amazing things, your brain will filter for this instead.

What is the return on investment for this? 

  • Less stress
  • A higher-performing team
  • An uptick in your bottom line.

I’ve seen the pattern enough to be confident this little tweak will make a huge difference. 

Choosing The Right Bits

By choosing fascination and expecting excellence, you demonstrate that you value them, which can boost their confidence and productivity.

Empowered employees will do great things for your business! Take the first step today and be fascinated by those around you. Next week, we will talk about staring at your employees… You’ll see what I mean.


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