A Motorcycle Accident that Shifted My Life

empowerment Nov 09, 2023
Harley Sportster and accident Right Now LEadership

One huge catalyst in my life for ultimately writing Right Now Leadership - A 4-Part Framework for Today's Leader, was a motorcycle accident I had several years ago. Below is an excerpt from the book on this incident. It gives you a deeper insight into why I wrote this book and the impact I desire it to have on the lives of my readers.

A Motorcycle Accident That Shifted My Life

In 2008 I was in a motorcycle accident that nearly took my life. Having been riding motorcycles for two years, I was getting a little overconfident. I’d take my Harley Sportster out with friends around Lopez Lake in San Luis Obispo County. It’s a fun, curvy, and hilly road to ride and has great views. A few of my friends had sports bikes—watching them lay their bikes low challenged me to do the same. I got so good at it that I remember pulling over to the side and showing my friends how the foot peg had scraped the road. I still can’t believe I rode like that on a Sportster!

After being able to ride aggressively, I seized on an opportunity to go for a ride up in the hills around the Pismo Beach area. I found a new housing development area overlooking the Pacific Ocean with excellent, newly paved roads, but no construction had begun. That morning when I rode out, I had no idea how much this ride would change my life.

The roads were perfect. There was no shoulder to the road, just asphalt up to raised curbs. It was a gorgeous morning, with no one around. So, I gunned it. The development was a curvy road in the middle of hilly pastureland that ended in a large cul-de-sac. After a few blissful moments of enjoying the view from the end of the development, I put my helmet back on and gunned it to get back home. Heading up a hill, I’d forgotten it turned sharply just before the crest.

My speedometer read 50 miles per hour when I saw the curve in the road. Instead of leaning the bike hard, I panicked and locked up both brakes. The motorcycle’s wheels locked up and began to slide. I remember looking at the speedometer as all this was going on, and it read 30 miles per hour. Then BAM!

The front tire hit the curb, launching me off the bike. When I came to, with my legs tangled in a barbed-wire fence, I realized that I had flown over thirty feet in the air. After untangling my legs and sitting up, I could see the motorcycle was less than eighteen inches from my head. The bike would have smashed my skull if my legs had not gotten caught in the barbed wire fence. I got a concussion and still have the scars on my shin from getting caught in the fence. But I was alive.

That day, God spared my Life

He had chosen not just to spare my life but to allow me to walk away. That day revealed a deeper purpose for my life than I was living for at the time. This new awareness is the heart behind the creation of BLUE Shirt Coaching and the BLUE Shirt Leadership Framework. This accident created a change in my heart and mind that has driven me to help others live their lives on purpose and purposefully.

I promise that the BLUE Shirt Leadership Framework will help you be a self-aware leader you are meant to be. I was not that leader the day of my accident, but each day after, I have focused on becoming the leader I am meant to be. The BLUE Shirt Leadership Framework is my way of growing entrepreneur leaders. Entrepreneurs are some of the most influential people in the world.

Without the work your company does, our world would look very different. The actions you take after learning this framework will be part of the legacy of my life being spared that day in 2008. But there’s more to the story of how BLUE Shirt Coaching and the leadership framework came to exist. It wasn’t my idea… 

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